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Unmatched precision, speed, safety and depth capabilities

Unmatched precision, Speed, Safety and depth capabilities

Blue core Marine Infrastructure Services uses a modern fleet of industry leading equipment on all of our projects to ensure the highest quality and unmatched reliability for your infrastructure needs. Blue Core Marine is proud to have built our reputation by succeeding at the most challenging Excavation works, Trenching, Electrical/ Water / Drainage Manholes and all kinds of Civil works and Interlocking works. We are well equipped with the latest excavating machinery and trained professionals. We ensure that our excavation machines used for excavation are safe, fast, and highly efficient. Blue Core marine has all the relevant machinery and qualifications, so we become your one-stop solution for excavation/ Trenching and all kinds of Civil works. We are unwavering in our commitment to putting our best efforts, precisely the right team and exactly the right equipment to work on all jobs.

Using a well-developed process, our excavation contracting team handles every project using strategic planning and care. Depending on your project needs, we will customize our process to fit the structure of work required. However, no matter the project, our team will flawlessly execute every phase. Our dedicated and fully trained operators ensure superior performance and efficient service from start to finish. At Blue Core Marine, we will always pledge that the final product is to your satisfaction on completion.

Our Services include, but not limited to:

  • Sub base laying & compacting
  • Laying & compaction of aggregate base
  • Appling of primer
  • Appling of Tack coat
  • Asphalt base course
  • Asphalt wearing course
  • Roads curbs
  • Road culverts & Road trenches
  • Road marking
  • Road Signage
  • Excavation works
  • Construction of Manholes
  • Electrical & Water trenches
  • Underwater tanks
  • Holding tanks