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Commercial Diving
Commitment to quality and service

Blue Core Marine is driven to provide the best possible commercial diving services, including, Barge/Yacht Cleaning, Slipways, Underwater Cutting and welding, surveys, under water videoing, under water inspection, under water equipment installation like wave Boyers, current meters, etc. and other technical support services. We are confident in delivering a very high standard for our services, performed by our highly trained and capable diving teams. Our team has a strong understanding of the equipment, techniques, and systems required to deliver our services successfully. With our Professionally qualified Engineering team, highly trained staff, high-quality equipment, and focus on safety, we can deliver successful outcomes on both small and large-scale projects.

We specialize in:

Our services include, but not limited to :

Our Services include, but not limited to:
• Repair and maintenance of S.B.M. Systems and sea berths.
• Derrick/Lay Barge Support • Subsea Tie-in.
• Scour and Penetration Checks.
• Template installation.
• Cathodic Protection.
• Installation and Maintenance of Lay Barge and Derrick.
• Barge Operations.
• Non-Destructive Testing (MPI and Ultrasonic Thickness).
• Seabed Surveys.
• Calm Buoy (SPM) Survey/Inspection.
• Trenching.
• Free Span Correction.
• Pipeline installation and repair.
• Pipe and Cable lay support.
• Cross over rectification and support.
• Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry Docking.
• Vessels and Barges Survey Inspections.
• Ship Hull Inspections/Cleaning.
• Propeller Installation and Repair/Polishing.
• Hose Change.
• Platform & Anode Retrofit.
• Salvage.
• Underwater Burning/Welding.
• Drilling Rig Support.
• Platform Inspections - Level I, II, Ill and Video Inspection.
• Pipeline Repair and Construction.
• Pipeline Burial.
• Pipeline Plug and Abandonment.
• Platform Removal.
• Platform P&A Support.
• Underwater Photography and Video.
• Well Head Repair and Abandonment.
• Riser Clam, Riser Installation and Removal.
• Surface supplied Air of Sea Water

Our Trained drivers are experienced with high standards in various skill and disciplines for Civil Diving services.Our Services include, but not limited to:
Block Setting (aggregate and concrete basis)
• Precast mass concrete block Quay wall.
• Aids to Navigations (Buoy - Towers - Beacons - Lead ing Lines).
• Quay wall furniture (Fenders - Ladders - Bollards).
• Air Lifting
• Air and Hydraulic Power tools.
• Power Station Construction and Modification.
• Blasting of Channel
• Search and Recovery of Lost Equipment
• Docks
• Boat Lift
• Desalination Plant
• Sand Bagging
• Installation of Inshore Mooring System
• Outfalls
• Hydro jetting
• Supply of Diver Assistance to Hydraulic survey operations
• Sewer system
• Steel structure works
• Placement of Stab its Tetrapod’s

Blue core marine works offers a comprehensive Cutting & Welding services, which includes:-• Pipeline tis-ins and repairs.
• Welding Anodes
• Structural repair and replacement of members
• Repairs to floating structures, Vessels & SBM
• Wet welding’s.

  • Our Services include, but not limited to:
    • Video survey.
    • Wall thickness gauging.
    • Cathodic potential protection measurement.
    • Scour assessment.
    • General and close visual inspection.
    • Inspection of offshore platforms
    • Inspection of subsea pipelines.
    • Inspection of drilling rigs in lieu of dry docking.
    • Inspection of marine vessels in lieu of dry docking.
    • Inspection of S.P.M systems.
    • Reporting
    These works are carried out by our experience and qualified team of divers and complemented by a wide range of specialized equipment and tools.
    All diving supervisors and divers are IMCA/HSE Certified.
    All inspection diver and report coordinators hold CSWIP underwater inspection certificates such as 3.l U, 3.2U, 3.4U and ACFM.
We have closed circuit television techniques for the transmission of subsea images/ Video carried out by divers. Video are transmitted in real time to client representatives or classification society’s surveyor on the surface, where the combined video images and audibles, footage are recorded for analysis reporting and archiving.
Alternative to certified driver inspections, Blue Core Marine Works also provides budget friendly options like ROV inspection. Our in-service remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspection will provide you with a general inspection of any water storage facility while satisfying state and industry regulation requirements. Although the report received with the ROV inspection isn’t as thorough as a diver inspection, it can be used as an alternative inspection when a diver inspection is not budgeted for or desired.
Blue core marine works provides Diving equipment in full compliance with IMCA guidelines & diving regulations. As a result, we are in capacity to provide maintenance and fabrication services for diving equipment of our clients. Our Maintenance manpower have experience and qualified certificate and complemented by a wide range of specialized equipment and tools to fabricated and maintenance all diving equipment. We seek to understand client’s needs so we can consistently deliver optimal solutions for mutual value, we also strive to improve our employees so that we can act proactively towards our client. In order to create constructive partnership with our client we constantly search for innovation and effective solution to overcome difficulties. We have all professional and commercial diving equipment for rent and sale. Pontoons held by chains generally require more maintenance than those fixed by piles and pile moorings. It is difficult to obtain an even distribution of loading with a moored system which may lead to higher local stresses within the floating pontoon elements. Blue core marine works provides maintenance services for any kind of Pontoons.